Strawberry Plants

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Other uses and curiosities of the strawberry plant
The strawberry plant can be used for cosmetic purposes as well, due to their extraordinary results and their use since the ancient times. It can be used as a poultice with a base of crushed strawberries applied to the skin, or develop a homemade and very natural lotion with the mixture the juices derived from the strawberry plants, and milk in equal parts. The strawberry plant can be used to cleanse and soften the skin and to lighten freckles and fight wrinkles.

In Segovia you can find many nurseries selling strawberry plants for export.
Curiously, the strawberry symbolizes the love in the language of flowers.
Delving into the medicinal uses of the strawberry plant, we find the following ones:
• Anticholesterol: its fruit contains lots of pectin and lecithin and ascorbic acid which decreases the level of blood cholesterol.
• Diuretic and antirheumatic: the intake of the infusion of leaves and roots can help fight uric acid, gout and arthritis; in doses from three to four cups a day.
• Anti-inflammatory: a good leaf tea can help decrease bowel inflammations. For arthritic inflammation it is very beneficial cooking the roots of the strawberry plant.
• Mineralizing: the fruit of the strawberry plant, rich in vitamin C, is very important in growing ages. It also has haematinics and restorative effects.
• Astringent: It is very useful against diarrhea, as drinking three to four cups of boiled leaves daily combat diarrhea. It also helps the boiling of dry leaves for healing mouth sores.
• Crushed leaves of the strawberry plants: it is a good remedy with cosmetic purposes like potions on the skin to prevent wrinkles.
Technical description and features of the strawberry plants
It is a perennial plant of between 5 and 20cm tall. Its flowers are white with five rounded petals. The leaves are trifoliate and are arranged at the end of a long stalk. The real fruit (these small seeds or seeds) it is in the false fruit, the strawberry itself. The strawberry plant produces long stolons that root at the ends giving rise to new plants.
There is a plant very similar appearance, barren strawberry (Potentilla esterelis). This musct not be confused with it because it does not give strawberries, and the petals of their flowers are heart-shaped, the color of its leaves are bluish green and the stolons are shorter.

The easiest way to get a strawberry plant is to visit a nursery, some even put at your disposal strawberry plants for export due to high international demand and strawberry plant frigo varieties, which makes it easier to transport.

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