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Let's start working with a company, an estate, rather a Real Estate Panama, or agency real estate as it is located in Panama and real estate there are called Real Estate. The real estate agency is dedicated to both the sale of houses and the apartments in Panama. The website is in two languages ​​English and Spanish so it will be a bit more complicated than with other real estate companies guy with whom we have worked. We will have to write in English so we help the translator of Google plus help Real Estate Panama owner of. Another thing to keep in mind are the own localismos the country as many of the phrases or words they use are very different from those we used in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries.

The Web have made in WordPress so it will be necessary to improve the download speed, especially on mobile as it is now not very good. It is very important to improve the speed and usability on mobile as these countries mobile is much more used than what we can think of Spain. Also we will improve links to make them more friendly. From the beginning we have statistics added Analytic to which we have invited the owner and you have risen to Search Console for us to go giving clues on how to improve the website of Real Estate Panama. We have put the link to the first Google+ and we changed the Facebook link pointing to the mobile version.

We will help the homeowner up to WordPress properties in which we have to put the characteristics of each house for sale or apartments for rent. As I work in the Real Estate I see that clearly you have to put the properties of each. The square footage, bedrooms, bathroom, garage ... Also the map and one of the photos that will be the featured photo and then add to the categories and add the properties of each property. Also the reference of each house or apartment for sale or rent.

We have said that the improvements will command you the early morning Spanish time there is night, because sometimes takes a while to be active or if we fail. Also the new properties will go up from 10 to 11 Spanish hour for the same and so when they come in the morning in Panama and will be active. Now at the beginning is not a bad idea when a new property go up the check the owner to see if they are well on all the features.
For example the first we have uploaded one that is located in Punta Paitilla called Golden Palace, the title change for Apartment Golden Palace Punta Paitilla and then in order to improve the ideal that the first text is: Apartment for rent Golden Palace Punta Paitilla.

At first in the first email will discuss the following topics:
In which countries you want to leave? What ideas do you have for keywords?
Panama generic as real estate, real estate agency, or by type of property, for specific properties or all kinds?
I imagine the languages ​​English and Spanish Panamanian.
As the Web is made in WordPress you can make many improvements for positioning.
Let's make a copy of the database, copy the files by ftp (you have to change those passwords), copies of Wiget and copies of pluging we would have a perfect copy of the Web.
The Web can be left at the hotel perfectly this now and start working with it.
We are specialists in WordPress, we have more than 20 stores including WooCommerce so we work with all the guarantees.

We have also commented:
Many times to position in different countries must be the domain hosted in that country and the size of the country for example .com USA besides you can have a .us domain type or .PA Panama to Mexico would .in or ...
If we do this it gets us dearly because some of these domains cost more than 200 euros a year, or having worth 70 euros and more than 200
So this option is very expensive if bought for different countries, so it is best principle is to focus on the .com you have now and if we see that we received many visits from a particular country think about whether it is worth buying domain that country.
Another thing to think about that in the US and other countries there are searches on Yahoo and Bing so you also have to think about working those seekers. Likewise searches are becoming more geolocalizadas so there may be differences from one country to another or from a different city.

As we are already immersed in this new work we fancy that much and get results sure to give high visibility to the properties they have for sale or rent in Panama