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19 nov 14 Thermosolar Plant Heat Exchanger

Thermosolar Plant Heat Exchanger are classified by the Energy Information Administration of the United States an Europe DF as collectors low, medium, or high temperature.

They are knowledgeable and prepared based machines condensation and energy conversion, solar the transvasan to thermal energy, which is used to heat water, products, dishes lavabajillas and operate the washer with hot water and dryer. Low temperature collectors are flat plates generally used to heat swimming pools. But we want those used at industrial level that can heat an entire city by providing the ciudadadanos of said city sufficient to heat energy. Medium-temperature collectors are also usually flat plates but are used for heating water or air for residential and commercial use. They are the future and they are here to stay and to make Europe need not depend on gas from Algeria or Russia or other population sectors or international Arabic too much. High temperature collectors concentrate sunlight using mirrors or lenses, a system that was first used in ancient Greece, although at first how a weapon by lenses and mirrors directed sunlight into the sails of the setting fire to enemy ships … and are generally used for fulfilling the requirements of heat up to 300 degrees C / 20 bar pressure of industries and for the production of electricity. SIMPLY TO UNDERTUND IN A CIENTIFIC MODE OR DATE, TO EXPLAIN THE CONCERNESS TO NATURE OF SCIENCE.

Products sold by this company are:

CSP – Concentrated Solar plant
Design of Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers
Heat Transfer Solutions
Manufacturing of Heat Exchangers
Shell and Tubes Exchangers
Steam Generator System
Thermosolar Plant Heat Exchanger
Vacuum Surface Condensers

However, there is a term used for both applications. Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) to fulfill the requirements of heat in industries and concentrated solar power (CSP) when the heat collected is used for power generation. CST and CSP are not replaceable in terms of implementation. The Fund for 377 MW Ivanpah Solar is the world, located in the Mojave Desert of California’s largest solar power plant. An now in Burgos there are a similary factory or entrerprise, other large solar thermal power plants are the SEGS Installation

28 ene 14 Productos de limpieza ecolabel y desengrasantes ecológicos

Como ya comentábamos en el anterior post estamos trabajando con Productos de limpieza ecolabel y desengrasantes ecológicos.

Para conseguir la etiqueta ecolabel y así tener productos de limpieza ecolabel os pongo lo que dicen en la Web de los productos ecológicos:

¿Qué significa que un producto obtenga la Etiqueta?

Obtener la etiqueta significa que un organismo oficial independiente ha comprobado que el producto cumple con unos estrictos criterios ecológicos definidos por la Unión Europea.

Estos criterios vienen determinados por el análisis del ciclo de vida del producto, lo que implica que se tienen en cuenta todos los factores ambientales “desde la cuna a la tumba”, es decir, se investiga el impacto ambiental de los materiales y recursos empleados, el proceso de fabricación, el uso y consumo, y la eliminación del producto.

Para conceder la Etiqueta Ecológica Europea, ecolabelse tiene en cuenta por tanto, el uso de recursos naturales y energía, el ruido, las emisiones al aire, la contaminación del agua, los residuos que se generan, su eliminación y los efectos en los ecosistemas.

Se garantiza que los productos siguen manteniendo la calidad ambiental mediante evaluaciones y revisiones periódicas del cumplimiento de los criterios por parte del organismo oficial competente.”

Como veis pasar este test de la comunidad económica europea nos es fácil ya que hay que cumplir las normas que exige esta etiqueta.  Por ejemplo para el desengrasante ecológico la Web nos dice:

“Biochem DETERGENTE/MULTIUSOS es un limpiador ECOLOGICO de uso diario para la limpieza de superficies duras resistentes al agua dejando un acabado brillante y sin velos. BIOCHEM DETERGENTE/MULTIUSOS cumple con los criterios medioambientales de biodegradabilidad, ecotoxicidad y eficacia exigidos por la ETIQUETA ECOLOGICA DE LA UNION EUROPEA (Directiva de la Unión Europea 2005/344/CE).”

Se puede suponer que entonces un desengrasante ecológico con la etiqueta ecolabel va a cumplir con los criterios medioambientales  por lo que será biodegradable lo que quiere decir que se va a disolver en la naturaleza no dejando residuos tóxicos en el medio ambiente. Este desengrasante ecologico es uno de los muchos productos que fabrica la empresa de la que estamos escribiendo.


As we mentioned in the previous post we are working with cleaning products and organic degreasers ecolabel .

To get the ecolabel label and thus have ecolabel cleaning products I put what they say in the Web of organic products :

“What does a product get the tag?

Get the label means that an independent government agency has verified that the product meets strict ecological criteria defined by the European Union.

These criteria are determined by the analysis of the life cycle of the product , which means taking into account all environmental factors “cradle to grave” , ie , the environmental impact of the materials and resources used is investigated, the manufacturing process , and consumer use , and disposal.

To grant the European Ecolabel , ecolabel is taken into account and therefore the use of natural resources and energy , noise, air emissions , water pollution , waste generated , deletion and impact on ecosystems .

It ensures that the products continue to maintain environmental quality assessments and periodic reviews of compliance with the criteria by the agency having jurisdiction. ”

As you see pass this test of European economic community is easy as we have to meet the standards required by this label. For example for ecological degreaser Web says :

” Biochem DETERGENT / ORGANIC MULTI is a cleaner everyday to clean water resistant hard surfaces leaving a brilliant finish without veils. BIOCHEM DETERGENT / MULTI meets the environmental requirements for biodegradability , ecotoxicity and efficiency demanded by the Ecolabel EUROPEAN UNION ( EU Directive 2005/344/EC ) . ”

It can be assumed that an ecological degreaser then Ecolabel will meet environmental standards as biodegradable which will mean it will dissolve in nature leaving no toxic residues in the environment. This ecological degreaser is one of many products that the company you are writing .