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30 ago 16 We continue Improving Real Estate Panama

We continue Improving Real Estate Panama

In addition to keep adding new properties, apartments, houses, real estate offices to Panama, we are improving the SEO on Page and we are already putting posters sold and rented in the first properties. It seems that the real estate agency in Panama begins to bear fruit.

For example we have managed to improve the url, not entirely, making them more friendly, the tab that was previously rented apartments now rent houses Panama also selling houses and properties worth of properties and redundancy.

As the Web in Spanish and English have difficulty working with a multi translator that hinders improvements to adapt to a page SEO by language in this case Spanish and English.

We have already written in other posts about the improvements we are making to Top Real Estate Panama, like this Apartments in rent apartments English and Spanish sale Panama and Panama vacation apartments. Each in a language with Google translator.

Now we intend to improve the text, descriptions of property which have created a manual for all climbing deferent types of properties: apartments, houses, offices, shops, land for investment.

If they worked as the marketing agency Internet use Google Apps For Work and share documents quickly and with the team.

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Following the manual on how to improve the properties we have given as putting and distribute tags, h1, h2, bold and proceed with updating and deleting the cache. I put some catches:


Panama is a nation of Central America economically is thriving so the sale of properties and are houses, apartments, buildings is now a good investment for both citizens of Panama itself and other nearby countries as well as the United States where there are many property or property owners who have a second home in Panama. Also the subject of the Panama Canal with its new zone for transporting boats between construction companies are Spanish companies is over and that gives the channel the possibility of increasing its maritime traffic between the two oceans, the Atlantic and the Peaceful.

They also are many people who rent an apartment for a few months while doing business in Panama.

We will continue to improve this real estate agency both texts in general and own properties or properties for sale or rent. We will tell on this blog improvements we conducted and the results we are getting thanks to the many jobs we are doing every day to improve the indexing of the page and thus achieve greater visibility. If you are interested in residing in Panama or spend a holiday season has this real estate agency to find you an apartment or a house in the best areas of Panama Capital.

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