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04 jun 14 Hotel Benidorm 404

For some time we worked with a hotel in Benidorm who have dated their corresponding sections in English , French, Russian and Spanish course . So we wrote this Benidorm hotel a post in a different language . It suddenly the English section of four-star Hotel in Benidorm has stopped working giving an error not a 404 40X itself whether , as the web has a page 404 as being made in Joomla ! comes a default 404 page . But it has not been the case since the error seemed to be facing in the . Htaccess since sent us a page of apache server. This fault produced a dramatic decline in their positions that can hopefully be remedied soon. Web control is important not to give errors , especially errors 500 that are the worst because there is no response from the server. There are some programs that monitor the activity of the warning page when the server goes down or there is any impact we have always used the classified ads Web .

Now let’s help give visibility to the hotel in Benidorm in the English language to see if we can recover the good positions we had. That will not work but we will comment on this blog where we have written several times about hotels and apartments in Benidorm as Jan can read these old post :



Finally, remember that you have always be aware of your Web does not happen as it has happened to this hotel in Benidorm.

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