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21 abr 14 CRM EEUU

We have already highlighted the importance of CRM in a business. There are countless advantages that a good CRM can bring to your business. The CRM is a fantastic way to organize and manage the flow of information derived from the relationship between the company and its various customers.

This time, we take this entry to highlight the importance of CRM and social networks. Social networks and the management of customer relationships (CRM ) have joined the cause. Thus, they have to mind the relationship between companies and their customers.

It is the century of telecommunications and technological advances. While CRM is responsible for managing all the information derived from the relationships between companies and their different customers, companies want to go further. Companies are no longer satisfied with simple satisfaction surveys, focus groups and traditional solutions to the impressions of their customers, but seeking information on an inexhaustible source of information, which is a social network. Companies use social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, even develop their own social networks. In this way customers create organic communities, online and more specific. This is where CRM comes into play.

This is a more modern and updated to meet the customer reviews so, and CRM software has a lot to do with it. While CRM can manage the flow of information derived in a commercial operation, why not use the CRM social media to manage information? In these social networks customers are allowed to openly express their desires, needs and complaints; represents a great opportunity to realize a more specific customer profile.

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